Heygates Bookshop: A Legacy of Literary Delight

Heygates Bookshop: A Legacy of Literary Delight

Embark on a Literary Legacy at Heygates Bookshop

Step into Heygates Bookshop, a cornerstone of Bognor Regis since 1968, and experience the enchantment of a true literary paradise. Located at the historic Bognor Regis Railway Station, our bookshop isn’t just a store; it’s a portal to the vast realms of fiction and the corridors of history, crafted over decades of dedication to the written word.

Our Story: A Chapter from Bognor Regis’ Own Tale

Founded over 50 years ago, Heygates Bookshop began as a small family venture with a big dream: to cultivate a space where books could come alive in the hands of readers. Over the years, we’ve grown in size and spirit, becoming a beloved fixture in the community. Our doors have welcomed generations of readers, from wide-eyed children discovering their first storybook to avid collectors in search of rare editions.

Rare Finds and First Editions

For collectors and bibliophiles, our rare finds will be a delightful addition to any library.

Book Signings and Events

Meet your favorite authors and celebrate book launches with the local literary community.

Personal Recommendations

Our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to recommend the perfect read, tailored to your taste.

Community Hub

We host reading groups and workshops, making us a cornerstone for cultural exchange and literary dialogue.